•  PER324 stands only on 242 hectares
  •  Average size of stand 1000m2
  • 10 minutes George Airport
  • 2 Years to build from date of transfer
  •  Architectural style: Costal Contemporary
  • Design Review Committee
  • Ernie Else Designed Golf Course opened 2006
  • Club and Restaurant Facilities
  • Award-winning Wellness Centre with Squash & Gym facilities
  • Surrounded by woodlands and forests
  • State-of-the-art security
  •  Extensive parks within the estate
  • Family Lifestyle Centre on the estate, with Tennis, swim & Pool facilities
  • Common open ground within the estate in excess of 60 hectares
  • Cycling, jogging and walking trails throughout the estate
  • Highly rated private schools - Glenwood House within 20km
  • Outeniqua High School within 16kms in George   
  • 2021 Levy (1 March 2021 - 28 Feb 2022) - R 2 368
  • CSOS Levy - R 40
  •      Capital Contribution Levy - R 180
  •   Village Defined Levy - R 6.83/m2



OUBAAI GOLF ESTATE has been designed to provide a gracious and secure lifestyle for its residents and for members of the Golf Club. To protect and enhance this lifestyle, Estate Rules have been established in terms of the Constitution of the Association. They are binding on all persons resident at or visiting OUBAAI GOLF ESTATE, and shall be administered by the Trustees.


The registered owners of erven or units are responsible for ensuring that members of their households, tenants, visitors, invitees and all their employees, which include tradespersons and suppliers, are aware of, and abide by the Estate Rules. Tenants have the same responsibility with respect to their households, visitors, invitees and employees. The Estate Rules may be modified, amended or repealed from time to time subject to the procedure laid down in the Constitution, which vests the ultimate acceptance of the Estate Rules in the hands of the general body of members of the OUBAAI GOLF ESTATE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION.


The prime objective of the Rules is to preserve and enhance the security, aesthetics and environment at Oubaai. In choosing to live in an estate such as Oubaai, a resident will enjoy all the benefits of communal living, such as security and access to shared facilities. However, communal living inevitably brings responsibilities along with its benefits. Levies must be paid and rules must be obeyed in order to ensure the smooth running of the community for the benefit of all concerned. The Rules have been established in terms of the Constitution. Should any rule contained herein conflict with any provision of the Constitution, the order of preference shall be that the Constitution shall prevail over the Rules. The decision of the Trustees is final and binding in respect of the interpretation of the Rules. The Rules are subject to change from time to time.


Build your dream home with architectural guidelines for the perfect family lifestyle. These Architectural Guidelines (“Guidelines”) establish the architectural character of the Oubaai Development and are in addition to local authority by-laws and the National Building Regulations. Please review the standards and regulations below, keeping in mind that all exterior colors of home, fence, and fence walls, and any other construction, modifications, additions or alterations affecting the exterior appearance of a structure or lot must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before work begins.


Oubaai Estate is being developed with appropriate response to its sensitive environment and location. Costal contemporary architectural elements, forms the basis of the development style. These guidelines allow flexibility for individual expression, whilst creating a uniform style, resulting in diverse and individual designs.


Residential estates like Oubaai have to manage and organise themselves to deliver or distribute services to households and collect revenue from members to do so. Oubaai Home Owners Association currently fulfils the role of a complete municipality. The Oubaai Home Owners Association was established in terms of Section 29 of Land Use Planning Ordinance 15/1985 for the Township which is being developed on the development Area, and in particular to procure that the matters referred to in Sections 29(2)(b) and (c) of Land Use Planning Ordinance 15 of 1985 be adhered to and complied with.



  • to take transfer of those portions of the Common Property that are to be owned by the Association for the benefit of its Members.
  • to enter into agreements of servitude for the benefit of its Members or any adjacent property development
  • to manage, oversee and control all security aspects of the Township
  • to enter into agreements for the provision of any Services with any competent authority or any other third party, inter alia including the provision of access to the Township, water, electricity and sewerage services to the Association and where required to supply such Services to the various Members of the Association
  • to administer and enforce the Architectural and Development Guidelines, and the estate rules
  • to control the registration of transfer of Erven and Units in the Township and ensure compliance within the Township with all conditions imposed by the Council when approving the rezoning and /or subdivision of the property / ies comprising the Development Area
  • in general, to do all such things, and perform all such acts, as may be necessary or expedient to ensure that the Township is developed and maintained in the interests of all Members thereby ensuring that the Township will be and remain one of premier status




  • Provide open, responsive and accountable business practices. We are responsive to the needs, interests and aspirations of individuals and groups within the Oubaai community.
  • We adhere to the terms and conditions as set out in the Rules of Development with regards to the economic, physical- and environmental development and management of the estate. 
  • Managing operations and affairs of the estate in a manner that emphasises the importance of service rendered to our members.
  • Protect our members’ interest by insuring a comprehensive and an accurate levy collection policy.
  • Follow sound business practices (based on best practice principles) for acquiring and paying for products and services i.e. supply chain management.
  • Provide and co-ordinate various utility services and distribute to each household.
  • Encourage and develop initiatives within Oubaai community for improving the quality of life for residence and visitors to the estate.
  • Represent the interests of our members to the wider Garden Route community.
  • Provide a structured and sustainable approach to operate and maintain assets and common areas by providing responsible and appropriate maintenance.