...VITAL LIGHT....the energy of life, channeling the vitality of the sun, energise the body and revitalise the mind

A Jewel of deep calm

Overlooking the Indian Ocean along Africa’s Western Cape, retreat to Freesia Spa on the Garden Route, where growth and longevity await you in the splendour of the sun, offering a combination of traditional African remedies and unique European Treatments each containing natural ingredients which endorse positive health and everlasting youth.

In Oubaai the sun dominates the circle of life, rising in the morning and evaporating the mist. The landscape changes colour as the day fades to dusk.

From the sea to the mountains, this majestic land hides a jewel of deep calm, a most tranquil retreat: Freesia Spa at Oubaai Hotel, Golf & Spa.

Celebrating the vital life of the sun, the gentle vapour arising from the ocean and forest floors, and the lush abundance of the verdant earth, we gather the local life-giving elements that will energise, restore and nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The Freesia philosophy of energizing, calming and nourishing the body to preserve a feeling of well-being, is masterfully applied by use of our facilities and services. Proud to offer African-based treatments containing traditional African oils and herbs which sustain health and encourage youth and beauty.


...GENTLE VAPOUR....the calming mist, Inspired by the water all around us, calm the spiritand rehydrate the body

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...VERDANT EARTH....the lushness of green, from the goodness of the earth - norish the body and activate personal growth