Design Review Services

Design Review Committee would play a vital role in overseeing and guiding the architectural aspects of construction projects within the estate. 

This ensures that any new developments or modifications align with the established design standards, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal and preserving the architectural integrity of the community.

 The committee's decisions are typically made through a thorough evaluation process, taking into account both the individual property owner's preferences and the broader vision for the community's architectural coherence.


The Design guidelines emphasise a harmonious blend of architectural styles, adherence to local building codes, and sustainable landscaping practices to create a visually appealing and environmentally conscious residential environment.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture involves the thoughtful planning, design, and management of outdoor spaces, integrating environmental sustainability and aesthetic considerations to enhance the overall quality and functionality of the built environment.

Colour Scheme

The Oubaai Colour Scheme reflects a palette inspired by the natural beauty of the Southern Cape, incorporating earthy tones, coastal blues, and lush greens to create a serene and visually cohesive aesthetic for the community.

Picket Fence Details

The picket fence details include a classic design with evenly spaced, painted wooden fence, providing a timeless and charming boundary that complements the overall architectural style of the community.

Cowl Detail

The cowl detail in Oubaai showcases an elegant and functional design, featuring a streamlined profile, serving as both a stylish architectural element and a practical solution for ventilation.

Electrical Generation

Installing solar panels can be highly beneficial for Oubaai homeowners, offering sustainable energy solutions, reducing electricity costs, and contributing to a more environmentally friendly and efficient community infrastructure.