The importance of governing documents cannot be overstated. These carefully crafted guidelines, comprising Conditions, Restrictions, and Bylaws, serve as the backbone of our community, ensuring a seamless blend of individual freedoms and collective responsibilities. 

Oubaai's governing documents are designed to foster a sense of unity and order among homeowners. They outline essential rules and standards that contribute to the overall well-being of the community. From architectural guidelines that maintain aesthetic coherence to restrictions that protect property values, these documents are a crucial tool for maintaining the beauty and integrity of our unique neighbourhood.

Moreover, the governing documents play a pivotal role in promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. 
By incorporating guidelines for responsible resource usage and eco-friendly practices, Oubaai's community is not only preserving its natural charm but also contributing to a greener future.

In essence, Oubaai's governing documents are more than just rules; they are a commitment to creating a harmonious and thriving community. By respecting these guidelines, homeowners actively participate in the collective effort to preserve the beauty and values that make Oubaai a special place to call home.


The constitution refers to the fundamental principles, rules, and governance structure of the association. 

It typically includes details about membership, board responsibilities, decision-making processes, and any restrictions or conditions that guide the community's management and residents' conduct. 

The constitution serves as a crucial reference for maintaining order, harmony, and effective administration within the Oubaai  Homeowners Association..

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Estate Rules

The estate rules contribute to the overall well-being of the community, fostering a sense of unity and order.

Compliance with these rules not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of the estate but also plays a vital role in maintaining property values and creating a pleasant living experience for all residents. 

The do's delineate positive actions that contribute to a pleasant living environment, while the don'ts establish boundaries to prevent disruptions and ensure everyone's well-being. 

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Schedule of Transgressions

The schedule of transgressions includes warnings and penalties, providing a structured approach for addressing violations within the community and reinforcing adherence to estate rules.

The schedule of transgressions is primarily designed to assist and guide residents and members within the community, prioritising education and support over penalties. 

It serves as a tool for proactive communication and resolution, fostering a cooperative and informed community environment. 

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